Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another day at the dog park

Went to the dog park Sunday morning to let the dogs romp. There was a young English Pointer that wanted nothing more than to play with someone. He was all over the place in search of a pal. Eventually, he found a discarded dog frisbee that he picked up hoping to tempt others to be his friend. I took several photos of him. The poor guy. I hope he found someone that could give him a run for his money.


sheoflittlebrain said...

I'm stealing a minute to catch up on my blog reading!

Your dog looks very dignified in his pix and I love the playful pointer! Makes me long to throw the frisbee for him...

The monarchs pix are great too. It's hard to catch them with wings spread. The pic with the net showing through the butterfly's wings is really interesting, very different from the usual butterfly picture.

quilteddogs said...

Hi Little Brain:
I think your butterfly picture was much better. Although, I did think the one of mine with the net was kind of cool.