Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My new photography hobby could land me in the poor house

My new hobby has so far cost me several hundred dollars and there appears to be no end in sight. I guess I should have figured that photography, like all hobbies, is going to become extremely expensive if I let it but I never imagined that software could cost $700 or that a tripod could cost $700. Just recently, I heard one of my classmates say that one of his lenses cost $800! Fortunately, I also understand from another classmate that if you become pretty good with your camera, you can forget about all the other outrageous expenses associated with it. This particular person, has a consumer camera (not a fancy SLR) and her work is astonishing. She does a lot of abstract and artistic photography and she is really good at it.

I do plan on investing in a telephoto lens and a macro lens. I will also buy the Photoshop CS3 softwar because even though it has a sticker price of $700, I can buy it for $285 because I am an enrolled student. That is a really good deal!!!


Lynn said...

CHeck with my husband he knows a good place in NY toget stuff not cheap but at a reasonable price... Has new trip od - I dont know mucha bout it but ask him...

Granny J said...

Early on, I decided to limit my excursion equipment to a consumer camera. I realize that I'm not going to get those great bird shots without a long focus lens plus tripod, but just carrying the glass inolved in an SLR would wear me out! I speak as one who carried the heavy tripod for my husband for many years while he did video and had plenty of equipment on his back! BTW, your best macro shots are going to come from your long-focal length lens, if you get one that focuses in close. I made the sad discovery that my Canon has a wide-angle lens, unlike my cheap old Sony. As a result, I get better macros from the Sony!

quilteddogs said...

I already got the tripod and now want to get a little hand held one which I understand I can get at Target.

Granny J:
I'm pretty happy with the macro and super macro function on my camera. I have bought a macro lens for it (after doing a lot of reading about macro lenses) which I will be picking up today from the camera store.