Monday, October 29, 2007

I cried this weekend

When I brought in the mail on Saturday, I found a note from my cousin who administered my favorite aunt's estate over a year ago. Enclosed in the note was a check for me that was the result of finding some extra money in a CD of my aunt's. In the note, she wrote "perhaps you can buy something special that will bring you fond memories of Dinny every time you look at it". Tears immediately sprung in my eyes and I couldn't even finish reading the note!

Of course, I am thrilled to receive unexpected money but what could I buy that would bring back memories. My aunt was a person who loved life and was thrilled with everything she saw. She was always a very fashionably dressed person so maybe I should think of something fashionable to buy.


sheoflittlebrain said...

I'm sorry about your Aunt Dinny...I went to school with a Dinny here in Prescott..class of '56.
Great post.. commentary snf pix of the old cemetery.

Lynn said...

You have talked about how she ws always very put together.... Get something that would remind you of her classy ways

sheoflittlebrain said...

Oh dear, I see I typoed away at your site too! snf means and!
If you don't mind will you tell me if your Aunt is the same as the girl I knew?

Mary Beth said...

Your photography seems to be giving you such joy (it definitely brightens my day to see your beautiful pictures) so maybe you should put the money towards your new lens or the software and know that your aunt is helping you to do something new and wonderful!

quilteddogs said...

Little Brain: Unfortunately, not the same Dinny. She spent most of her life in Wisconsin.

Lynn: Just don't know what I could get that would honor her memory.

Mary beth: I'm not sure "joy" would be a good word yet but I'm definitely interested.