Friday, November 16, 2007

High School Reunion

Tomorrow night is my _____ high school reunion. I'm kind of excited about it but not as excited as I was when I first heard of it. From what I hear, there won't be too many people there but I think the committee people have a nice event planned for us. One of my best friends from high school will be there even though she was a year behind me. So, I'm happy I will know at least one person pretty well.

The reunion is in Goodyear and I have obtained a hotel room just down the road from the location of the reunion. Just in case I'm having a little too good of a time and drink a little bit too much wine. I will be taking my camera along and hope to get a few decent shots to send to people.

There is also a picnic on Sunday but I don't think I'll be going to that. Our street is having a potluck later that day and I need to get ready for that. So, it will be another busy weekend for me and then we head into the Christmas season.

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sheoflittlebrain said...

Your high school reunion sounds like fun. I'll be waiting to hear about it. Meanwhild, you're tagged for seven things about you:) Details at my site..