Monday, November 19, 2007

Review of the high school reunion

The reunion was quite fun. There were lots of people I knew and there was more than just our year there as well. There were a few people who looked exactly the same as they did back in 1977. No extra pounds and no extra wrinkles which was really amazing. The majority had changed in their looks. The men, for the most part, had put on many pounds which was pretty surprising because so many of them were athletes. The women, looked as good or better than they did in high school. There were some who had put on several pounds but not that many.

Even though I rented the motel room, it turned out I really didn't need it but it was nice to only have to drive two miles instead of 20-30 to get home. I had two glasses of wine the entire time. Mostly, because I was extremely conscious that I would need to be driving later but also, it's hard to pay $5.00 for a glass of wine when you know the entire bottle they are serving from cost the same amount on sale!

There were no public announcements made at all during the reunion and I think that may have been the only thing that was missing. It would have been nice to have some kind of report from the committee but there was not.

Of course, I received some sad news about friends who had passed away or were in the midst of a divorce or something. But the worst thing was to hear that my very first friend I had at the age of 4 had become addicted to meth. I just could not believe it and had to cry later when full realization hit me. Even though we rarely saw each other, I just could not imagine him even trying something like this. It saddens me so much.

I'm debating whether or not to post pictures. Because they were taken at night, they are not the best but I probably will post them sometime this week.

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