Thursday, December 20, 2007

Medical update

Got the results back from the MRI/MRA. Everything is normal. No stroke and no TIA. I have scheduled an appointment with the ENT who specializes in dizziness but that is not until 1/21/07. I'm not sure what to expect there.

Tom wanted me to add/change my last blog so anyone who reads it will not think he is a dog beater. He stresses that he "barely" kicked the dog and he was doing it as a noble gesture to help Addie. Again, I don't know what I would have done if he was not there because the teenager was useless and I would have been pretty close with two dogs at the end of the leashes.

Currently, I have no sewing projects underway and no interest in taking photographs. I hope to get my Photoshop CS3 installed on Christmas Eve so I can play around a bit with that. Maybe after the holidays, I will kick it into overdrive and get going on some of my new and old hobbies.

On another note, Tom sent me a link about the first blogger. December 17, 2007 was the anniversary of the first blog. Interesting reading.


Granny J said...

Sounds like good news from the MRI; hope the January visit is equally benign!

sheoflittlebrain said...

I'm glad of the good news too! Maybe it's a food allergy? My Mom has sworn for many years that eating cabbage makes her dizzy!

Tom should feel glad he got that dog off yours even by kicking. When dogs attack like that it takes strong measures just to get their attention!

quilteddogs said...

Thanks for your comments. It is highly possible that it is food allergies but as far as I know, I am only allergic to one food and that is calamari.