Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Thank you gift

Here are photos of the thank you gift I made for the woman who resurrected my Steiff bear.

As I mentioned previously, she is a dollmaker and has made many, many Raggedy Anns and Andys. She was very pleased with the gift and commented on the fact that the fabric could have been used for a Raggedy Ann or Andy.


Granny J said...

Raggedy Ann is one of the great dolls from the past. I grew up in a world where dolls arrived nameless and you gave a name of your choice, unlike the modern world where every little girl has the same dolls with the same names (ugh!). The one non-ugh! is, of course, the Raggedy Ann.

quilteddogs said...

My grandmother made me a Raggedy Ann, Raggedy Andy and Beloved Belinda. I still have them. But I also have all my old Barbies as well. Other than those, I was never much of a doll person.

sheoflittlebrain said...

What a charming tote and lovely gift!
I admire your keeping New Year resolutions down to ones you can actually keep. Wish I'd done that..
The video says it all about outer beauty. Thanks for posting it so I can show it to my Granddaughters:)

quilteddogs said...

Thanks Brain. I think the tote turned out pretty well.