Monday, January 7, 2008

Wolves as Pets

Little Brain had a recent post on her blog regarding the reintroduction of wolves. This came at about the same time that I received word from my cousin that she had adopted two wolves as pets. She said they found a newspaper ad selling them as half timber wolf and half artic wolf. Maybe she was sold a bill of goods on these "wolves" but I can't tell from the picture she sent me if they are actually 100% wolf, some mixture of dog/wolf or just a husky or malamute. I'm hoping that for her sake, they are actually dogs that resemble wolves because everything I read on the internet says that wolves do not make good pets (I would have guessed the same but needed backup for my assumption). Here are several articles regarding keeping wild animals as pets and what a bad idea it is:
Springwolf, Wolftrust, and Fish & Wildlife and finally article

Not a good thing to have a wolf living with you.


meggie said...

Hi just popped over from SOLB's to say hello.
I read your comment about the wolves. I truly do hope they are not really wolves, as I think it would be cruel to keep them in a some domestic situation.
I also love dogs, & we have 2 & a lovely little Granddog.
I will visit again.
Loved the Raggedy Anne bag!

quilteddogs said...

Thanks for stopping by Meggie. I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

When we were in Utah there were several people who said they have 1/2and 1/2 dog and wolf pups... Not a good thing at all.