Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It turns out the reason for my dizzy spells are migraines. One can suffer all forms of migraines in all parts of the body and they don't necessarily mean pain or headaches for the brain. Mine manifest themselves as dizzy spells and I'm really glad I don't have the other type. I couldn't imagine having a headache so bad that it knocks a person out for days at a time and that requires complete darkness and quiet. So, I'm pretty happy with this diagnosis. The treatment is to reduce stress (Ha!), and reduce caffeine and chocolate intake during an episode. Easy to do as far as chocolate goes but not so easy for the caffeine; I do love my daily tea. During a dizzy spell, I will need to take a blood pressure medication. Knock on wood, have not had one for two months. It can stay that way as far as I'm concerned.


Lynn said...

I drink a lot of tea and all decaf... several brands and flavors So good for you too.

meggie said...

So glad your diagnosis is an easy one. I know it can't be fun when experiencing a dizzy spell, but am sure it is preferable to headaches.
I have only ever had one, & it made me so ill, I vomitted.