Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No Fat Dogs

The dogs had to visit the vet on Saturday for shots and an overall look-see. I thought Addie looked like she was putting on some pounds and it was confirmed when she went on the scale. She gained FOUR POUNDS since August!!! That is a lot of weight for a dog and I am determined to get it off her. Even though Springers are fairly active dogs, I have read that one of the negatives about the breed is that they are pre-disposed to weight gain. They say a Springer makes a Great White Shark look like a picky eater. I'm here to tell you that both my dogs are voracious eaters.

Presently, both dogs eat Iams Adult Maintenance food which has reduced calories and they also eat Iams Reduced Fat dog bones. The vet says I have to reduce the amount of dog food I give her and supplement it with broccoli. Good thing that both dogs love, love broccoli. I don't think they suspect anyting yet.

I also learned that mesquite pods are high in calories which is a problem because they munch on all the fallen pods that I'm not able to clean up on a daily basis in the summer. Looks like I will have to be a lot better in the clean up duties.

I wonder how long this weight loss will take??


meggie said...

I feel sorry for dogs who need to reduce- Just as hard for them as it is for us humans. I am fussy about not overfeeding ours. We have a friend who killed all her dogs with kindness! They all died of obesity.

sheoflittlebrain said...

It's a problem with pot bellied pigs too:)
Glad you found the source of your dizziness, although caffeine can be hard to give up..
Interesting about the mesquite beans..I suppose they're high in carbs as they were ground for a kind of bread by some indian tribes.

ChiliLady said...

...just discovered your blog and it's awesome! i did add your blog to my favourits and i'm looking forward for entries!
hope you have a great day!
chililady from austria

quilteddogs said...

I agree. We only cause harm when we allow our dogs to be overweight. It's not a kindness at all.

Little Brain:
Pigs can have a weight problem? Who would have thunk it :-))

Thanks. That's very kind of you.

Granny J said...

I sometimes wonder about my Max cat, who's a big fellow, tho not obese. How does one put a dog on a diet?

Anonymous said...

Besy - love the quilt pictures! Good job. I told you my grandog looked fat until we got her groomed - instand thin! Although she has lost her puppy look and become a mature springer.

Sewing Room looks great!