Monday, March 3, 2008

"New" Sewing room

After living with a totally disorganized sewing room for over a year, I now have it just the way I like it. All due to Tom's urging and suggestions. His suggestion for the arrangement was unorthodox but was the only workable solution if I wanted to use all the work space in the best manner.

This is the "embroidery machine" corner.

This is the cutting area and the "sewing library"

This is the quilting table and the machine that gets the most use

This is the computer area. Note, there is no printer yet but I'm working on it

This is the cutting table opened up for use

These are the sewing knick knacks

This is the closet where all the fabrics, notions and extra machines are kept.(this was taken at night and the lighting is not the best in there...working on that as well)


Anonymous said...

Oh that tom must be very lucky to have you as his friend!

sheoflittlebrain said...

Wonderful QD! What a joy it will be to create in that room. I am green with envy and I don't even quilt:)

quilteddogs said...

Anon: Tom is lucky but I am lucky as well.

Little Brain: Yes, it is a joy. Now, to work on the printer and lighting issues.