Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Day

Today is the day before Christmas. All my shopping is done and I didn't go into a single mall. A couple of strip malls but no big malls. A Good Thing.

I will finish up my handmade gifts today and get everything wrapped. Tonight, my mom and I will go to Christmas Mass and then back to her house for a spaghetti dinner and mom & daughter companionship.

Normally, our Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve but my brother recently was married and he and his new bride won't be able to make it here from Los Angeles until very late tonight. So, we're starting a new tradition with the opening of the packages tomorrow after Christmas dinner.

Trying to stir up some traditions of my own; tomorrow morning I will make a Christmas breakfast. There won't be much since I don't cook but I'll have some fresh banana bread, sausage, maybe some Dunkin donuts and orange juice. Not even close to what my mom used to do but at least something.


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sewnews said...

Your kind of breakfast is a brunch of a new tradition. Sounds good to me.