Monday, December 22, 2008

The light rail sucks!

But I'm still going to try it out at least once to and from work. The reason I have lost my enthusiasm for it is because it has put my veterinarian out of business. He was absolutely the best vet in the whole world. The city is condemning his property in order for the light rail to go through. The tragic thing is that this portion of the light rail is going to lead to nowhere because the feds won't let it cross over I-17 to get to MetroCenter so it's just going to stop. Dead.

I took both dogs in on Saturday for the last time for a well dog visit and I was there for well over an hour. I'm going to miss that man. The vet and his assistant always comment on Roscoe's wild hair on the top of his head. I said I thought it looked like a surfer dude and Dr. Hirsch said Roscoe is a surfer dude because he is the most laid back and relaxed dog he has ever examined. He's like "whatever dude". Maybe Roscoe is a Hawaiian surfer dude because he grabbed a pineapple from the counter and ate a couple of chunks while we were gone. What kind of a dog eats a pineapple?


sewnews said...

I second that emotion!!!! Really going to miss Dr Jeff.

Both dogs are great but Roscoe is really a cutie petutie!

Granny J said...

What a bummer! Why does "progress" always have such a high price???

sissie said...

Well, shucky darn! You have no luck with your pet professionals staying. Your groomer moved this year but....she moved closer to me! Thanks for that!