Thursday, January 29, 2009


I came home from work on Tuesday to find water flowing from the toilet in the master bathroom. I had to squish, squish, squish through the water in the bathroom hallway and then slog my way in the bathroom to get to the toilet. I tried to turn it off at the valve but it wouldn't budge so I had to go outside and turn off the main line. All the while, trying not to panic because by this time I saw the entire hallway to the bedrooms was full of water and that my sewing room and Tom's office had their share of water (I didn't know about the damage to the guest bedroom until later).

Three bedrooms, one bathroom hallway, four closets, and the main hallway have been damaged, and in some parts, heavily damaged by water.

After about an hour of trying to control my panic, Tom finally came home. I had already called the insurance company, called Home Depot about renting those huge industrial blowers but held off on calling a plumber because I thought it was something Tom might be able to fix.

Of course, Tom not being in a panic, said we had to call a remediation company first to get rid of all the standing water. Now, why didn't I think of that?

Anyway, the toilet tank has a large hairline crack in it where all the water was gushing out (probably the entire day). We were lucky enough to get a remediation company to come out within an hour. But we had to move almost everything out from all the affected areas which was no easy task (there are about 7 tall bookshelves that had to be unloaded). The remediation guys were there until 11:00 and now our house is full of industrial blowers and dehumidifiers.

The insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow. I was thinking I needed to get the carpets cleaned for awhile now. Now, I'm hoping insurance will pay for all new carpet. We'll see.


Granny J said...

What a horrid thing to have happen, QD -- new carpets would be small compensation for all the work & trouble.

quilteddogs said...

Granny J:
It could have been way worse.

Linda G. said...

Hi QD! I'm just catching up sorry about the water..hope you're all dried out now!
I'm enjoying your macro photos..
And I'm impressed by your sewing prowess! I can sew, a little bit, but not like you.
I especially love your black and white bag!
QD, I started a new blog about Prescott that you can access from my OAW blog. I think you might be interested in the old post cards from Ee's collection.

sissie said...

OH dear.....what a soggy mess! I feel your pain. It takes forever to get it all back. good luck!