Sunday, February 8, 2009

My gift to myself

I have been saving since October for a new serger because mine is so difficult to thread. I hope to sew more clothes with this serger and that was part of my justification for buying it. This new serger is a babylock imagine that is supposed to be the most user friendly serger out there. It threads itself with a "whoosh" of air. Unfortunately, due to the flood, it has not even been plugged in yet. I hope to be able to locate all the parts to it as soon as we are back to normal.

And here is how we have been living since the flood.
Below shows the damaged carpet pulled back in the dressing area
Damaged books
Blowers and dehumidifers that went non-stop for four days
Remdiators spraying anti-microbial

The culprit... cracked toilet tank
Wet carpet

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sewnews said...

Oh the roar of fans you poor things. You new serger looks nice hope you get to use it soon.

Prescott will be really cold and driving in the snow yuk!

It is always such a tough choice to make with flooring.