Saturday, April 11, 2009

My new old sewing room

It's back in working order. Most everything is the same except for a few little changes:

The new bookshelf from Ikea with all my sewing, dog and photograhy books

The newly organized closet complete with lots of plastic storage bins.

Plenty of storage space for notions and threads in these handy DMC drawers from an out-of-business fabric store and my newly framed Andrew Wyeth drawing.

The computer work station with the new printer sent to me for free by HP when my old printer died.

The quilting work station.

The embroidery station complete with sleeping dog.

The cutting station.


sissie said...

OMG you are sooooo organized. Good job. I am a jealous wreck. Hey..the dog is so cute and the dog pillow in the chair looks vaguely familiar!!

sewnews said...

Oh What a set up. A Station for every thing. Wish I had stations. It looks gret including Addie

meggie said...

How wonderfully neat & tidy! Love the dog!

quilteddogs said...

Thanks all for your comments. I love my sewing room! Wish I could spend more time in there.

Paula: said...

Wow, you could host your own show on HGTV as one of those fabulous organizers/space planners, then segue to your own sewing nad embroidery for the second segment of the show. That workspace looks wonderful!!

Paula: said...

My apologies...please read "and" instead of "nad."