Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here are two houses I pass by on my walk with the dogs. The first house is so well cared for and so pretty with all the flowers and the way it's painted. The word for it would be "charming". But right next door is a house that is in pretty bad condition and it's over run by cats. I don't think the people spay or neuter them because there are always a ton of cats running around. Plus, the smell of cat urine just reeks from it. The two houses are right next door to each other.


sissie said...

Eeeekkk...this reminds me of the "cat house" neighbor I grew up next to. We never knew how many old cats she had. Yuck!

meggie said...

What very unfortunate neighbours to have! The neat house is charming!
If only people reaslised how much happier their cats would be if neutered!

sewnews said...

It is so sad to keep your house neat and nice and have control over the neighbors mess.