Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sewing room

The sewing room is almost back to normal. Just need to hang some pictures back up and hope to take some pictures when there is some decent lighting in the room, i.e. during the day and when I am not at work so probably not until the weekend.

After the flood, it was pretty much unusable for two months but now the carpet is in and Tom bought a whole bunch of plastic storage bins for the closet. We spent the weekend putting a bookshelf for the sewing room (all my sewing, dog and photograhy books desperately needed a place)
and CD racks together that were purchased from Ikea and also hanging pictures throughout the house.

But back to the sewing room; now that it is back to normal and looking really good and user friendly, I'm trying to restir the creative juices and get some things made for Etsy and the Holiday Boutique at work. Did I mention, I made a sale on Etsy that was not a friend, relative or a commission? Yup, some lady in NJ bought my chickens and roosters table topper. That was a good thing and now I want to generate more inventory


meggie said...

Sounds like your sewing room is divine!
Congrats on the sale.

sewnews said...

Good going on the sale. I know the juices will flow very well once you are all set back up.