Monday, August 3, 2009


Addie and Roscoe have both been scratching like the dickens lately and licking themselves...a lot. I have also felt some lumps on both of them so figured they were due for a vet appointment. Recall the vet that I loved so much has moved away so I now have another vet and have only met with her once. Was not overly impressed but then no one will compare with Dr. Hirsch so it's really unfair of me to try and compare.

This time, I was a little more impressed with her and she spent a lot of time looking over both dogs. They both had to have their anal glands expressed (not even going there) had their ears looked at (Addie's are infected again) and both were prescribed some antihistamines for the scratching. Roscoe's lumps were just sebaceous tumors or fat deposits and nothing to worry about but Addie has a suspicious lump that might be cancerous so she goes under the knife on Wednesday. The doctor said to get her in sooner rather than later. I'm very worried about that but I'm also worried about how to care for her after the surgery. The lump is in a really bad place on her flank which will definitely limit her walking ability and since she will have a lot of stitches, I need to keep her out of the pool (no easy feat) and no walks while she heals. That's the first worry. I have not even started to think what will happen if it is cancerous. One step at a time.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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sissie said...

Oh dear! I will keep my fingers crossed about Addie. You'll have to create a special bandage or something. Our first Springer had those cysts all the time. So far Ella has none - knock wood.