Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yo Ho! A pirate's life for me

Skulls are very popular lately and have been for awhile, not just among the biker dudes and dudettes but all other walks of life. So, here is my contribution to "skullduggery"

The black material is window screen that I bought from the Home Depot. Surprisingly, it's very easy to sew on and even though this is the third item I have made from window screen, it is the first time I have machine embroidered on it. Although, it stitches out very nicely, it's still not the same as embroidering on cotton and it wreaks hell on the rotary cutter. All in all, it turned out quite nice and it will be one of the items I will try to sell at the firm's holiday boutique.

Here is another bag I made as well:


sissie said...

Great bags - 'specially that skull thing!!! Nifty embroidery! That will sell in a heart beat.

sewnews said...

Terrific bags The skull work is really cute. Both will definitely sell.

Anonymous said...