Sunday, April 4, 2010

Phfun photos and my new phone

Just messing around with my camera in the sewing room one night. And since Roscoe is "velcroboy" to me at times, I took his photo. Addie is much more independent and does not always have to be around. In my humble opinion, this is a character of male dogs; or at least, male spaniels.

Plus, I got a new smartphone!

I have wanted an Iphone since they came out but did not want to switch my carrier to AT&T. Plus, the plan I am on now is so cheap, it would take something really big to get off that plan and get on a more costly plan. But I finally took the leap after researching for several months. Plus, during vacation, the firm loaned me one of its Blackberrys so I was able to try out a smartphone. My new phone is a Samsung OmniaII. It had good ratings from Consumer Reports and Cnet as well as from lots of individual users and tech blogs. PC Magazine did not like it much.

It will take me a long time to master it but so far, I like what I have been able to do with it. It has new technology called "swype" shown in the video below.

I will not be one of those people who is constantly looking at her phone or answering it while I am with others. Now that retrieving voice mail is so much easier, all you people out there who have my phone number, can call me up.


sissie said...

You go techie girl. Wow!

quilteddogs said...

I do like technology but I don't think I'm close to being a techie