Sunday, March 28, 2010

A comment

My mom is at the Paul McCartney concert tonight. I think this is her second McCartney concert in about 5 years. My mom is also 87 years old and according to one member of my family, who shall remain unnamed, she should just stay home and watch T.V.; not go galivanting off to concerts or to Las Vegas. She does like to watch T.V. and just bought a 42" flat screen for her home. But if she had to stay home all the time, she would probably die.

I was a little angry at the comment but now it is comical and hopefully, I will forget all about it soon.


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Catalyst said...

When my dad was in his 70's and spending winters in Mesa, his brother . . who was 4 years older and lived in San Francisco . . tried to convince him to drive there and then the two of them would drive to my dad's home in North Dakota. Then his brother would continue by train on to St. Paul, Minnesota, for a college reunion. My dad rejected the idea, saying people in their 70's shouldn't be "gallivanting around the country." Such is life, eh?