Monday, October 25, 2010


Ok. not ever having owned a
car in my life, I guess I had no idea what it would be like. I'm kind of liking this new thing and I could get used to it.

Besides having the pleasure of driving a new car, the service provided by Lexus is unmatched (at least as far as I know):

1. Free car washes for the life of the car
2. Free 24 hour roadside assistance
3. If the car breaks down away from home, Lexus will set me up in a hotel and pay my per diem until the car is fixed
4. Free Lexus to drive if service requires more than 8 hours.

And none of this even has anything to do with the actual amenities of the car!!

I took my car in Saturday for its first car wash and the valet was dressed in white shirt, black pants, black vest and tie. [note: no grimy guy in overalls] He greets me and directs me to where I should pull up my car. Then, I enter the fancy schmancy service lobby and I'm greeted by the hostess who asks if I would like coffee, tea, soda, bagel, muffin, etc. [note: no water cooler that has no cups] I sit down in one of the luxurious chairs and find a brand new Wall Street Journal to read [note: no two year old magazines]. Twenty minutes later, my car is done and I'm ready to go.

Yup, like I said, I could get used to this kind of thing.

On a side note, I was in a criminal jury trial last week for several days but as it turned out I was the alternate so did not get to deliberate. I found out my fellow jurors convicted the defendant for armed robbery and kidnapping. I would have voted guilty as well.


sewnews said...

What a deal - you are in the life of luxury! Glad you would have the same verdict. Did you know the jurors?

sissie said...

Hello? What? Our luxury Honda (LOL) has $5000 worth of hail damage! Arg!

Catalyst said...

Just don't lose the key - it will cost you an arm and a leg for a new one!

quilteddogs said...

Yes, unfortunately I know. That was one of the many questions we asked the salesman. But luckily, he gave us several keys.