Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the Streets Where I Live

I realized the other day, that I have been walking dogs daily for more than 30 years. I made the decision one night to not walk the dogs and suddenly realized how long I had been doing it. It started with my family's springer spaniel and then continued with my two cockers and currently with my two springers. I felt kind of guilty but just said NO.

On Saturday and Sunday mornings we go a certain route and lately, I have been seeing roosters and hens in various yards. I don't know who they belong to but they are pecking away in the middle of PHOENIX, which was kind of funny to me. So, I took my camera along on the walk hoping I could get some photos. They were no where to be seen but I took these instead:

The roof of this house is made of dirt. There used to be grass growing as well but I guess it was hard to mow and there are no goats around to make it easier. I wonder if it leaks.

Right next door, was an old pink truck that I kind of liked. It was an old Ford:

In Phoenix, we have a water and power company called Salt River Project. Some people have irrigated yards where the water is provided by SRP through canals that were built hundreds or thousands of years ago by the Indians (I think the Hohokam). If you get irrigation, you are on a schedule when your water is to be delivered so you may have to get up at 3:00 in the a.m. to open or shut your "gates" for the water to come or go through your neighbor's yard. The fruit grown in these yards is much better than fruit grown in other yards, or so my friend who has irrigation tells me. Anyway, we live in desert and I was always amused/amazed by the intricate canal system we have here.

In Phoenix, we also have periodic bulk trash pickup which is a great way to get rid of big things or yard waste. You just pile it up on the sidewalk outside your house and during a designated period, sanitation will come and take it away. These people are way late because bulk trash has come and gone in this area:

Here are a couple of houses that I pass by. The shots of the first house show the really cool front yard they have. Lots of rockwork, a bridge and a little (fake) stream and decorated with some plant life. I really like this yard.

And then there is this house which was a pig sty for a long time and I guess it was foreclosed on. Anyway, they have been fixing it up and it's coming along nicely.

Another house I like is this one because the front columns are made of brick that is done up in a twisty pattern. Very, very different.

And here we are home again in front of my neighbor Doug's house. He is the hardest working man I know (or at least he appears to be). Here is his front entry decorated for Thanksgiving:


sewnews said...

Terrific Pictures. We should all take a look at our surroundings once in awhile - some great things we are all missing. maybe you will get the hens next time. You are an excellent dog walker also

Seams Sew Creative said...

Hi fellow Phoenician! Enjoying the cooler weather? I love the pic of the pink truck, there is something so fascinating about old cars, I love them.

quilteddogs said...

Yes it is amazing what you can see if you open your eyes.

Seams Sew:
Thanks for stopping by. The weather is freezing to me.

Joyce said...

Nice pictures...

sissie said...

I have not only been away from my blog but have not been visiting others either. Love your pictures!