Monday, April 11, 2011

My mother's passion

My sewing group had a class in making crocheted necklaces which my mom attended. These aren't your granny's crocheted doilies either. Anyway, she has gone overboard with them and has now made 81. However, she had the cojones to ask the gift shop at the assisted living place where she may eventually live (she is 88) if she could sell them there. They have agreed and will let her sell them there next Monday. She is thrilled and excited and is working toward a total goal of 100 to take over.

Here is what she has so far, pretty, huh?

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sewnews said...

Just an awesome accomplishment. I have seen them in person and they are beautiful - ALL of them. You go girl.

Sissie said...

Holy moley! I'll send this to Ginney to read. What a gal your mom is!

NanaTJ said...

Will she sell me one and mail it to me? If so, how much? These are