Friday, July 22, 2011

The perfect

Being kind of slow at work, I thought taking a vacation day for no reason at all would be a good idea and I had no plans for it other than to take my dogs to the groomer for badly needed furcuts. So, since I had no goals and no plans, I would not be disappointed if they weren't met.

I got up at the regular time and vacuumed the pool (for the third time in 2 weeks) due to the dust storm the evening before. Then, I drove the dogs out to the groomer and afterwards took myself over to Joann's to purchase a couple of items. Turns out I bought 7 items and I had 7 coupons for 40% each so I got to use all of them and saved over $25.00. Very happy.

I went back home and puttered around for a bit with this and that. Had lunch and then cleaned out the refrigerator. Then got down to the serious stuff of sewing, embroidering and knitting. I was able to get a quilt top put together and it is ready to make into a quilt sandwich and quilt. Then, I got on the embroidery machine and made a cute little owl purse (photos at a later time) that I have been wanting to try out to see how it comes out. I was very happy with it. Then a little bit of knitting, a little bit of reading, a little bit of wash and a little bit of Mad Men.

And that was my perfect, uninspired, unplanned for day. You should try it sometime.


sewnews said...

Awesome doing just stuff and at your own pace. Good for you

Sissie said...

Way to accomplished a lot for a day off with no plans.