Friday, January 20, 2012

Lessons learned

Having learned to knit six months ago and having learned nothing other than the garter stitch, and still unable or unwilling to try anything other than a scarf or cowl, I have now embarked on knitting with wire. The first lesson learned is to put more beads on because they will cover bad stitches. When I get better at wire, I can use less beads.

The next lesson is to put all the beads on the same side; it will look and feel much better in the end.

Here is my first attempt in the middle of the project . Not too good but also not terribly bad. I will get better.

Finally, there will be blood. Metal is a wee bit harder than yarn and very unforgiving. It took some time but one finger was bleeding. I switched to thinner wire and it's much better.

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Sissie said...

Great....LOL ..."there will be blood"
Oh my gosh you are adventurous.

sewnews said...

You are truly something....