Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aging dogs

So sad to see your special friends age. These two guys who had boundless energy and were always raring to go, have slowed down so much. Even though they still like to go for walks, they no longer torment me until I hook them to their leashes. Even though they still like to eat, they don't try waking me before 5:00 in the a.m. I have to resign myself to the fact that the end is drawing nearer for them. I don't know why they can't be with us forever.

Addie, 14 years old

Roscoe, 11 years old.

Roscoe is suffering through a bout of old age vestibular syndrome (google it if you want the whole definition) which is the closest thing to a stroke that a dog can have since, technically, they don't have strokes. It's a very scary thing and he has already been to the emergency animal hospital (at 5:30 in the morning) as well as to his own vet. He is getting better day by day. I hope this never happens again.

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sewnews said...

Yes indeed why can't they be with us forever. Such beautiful creatures

Sujana said...

Your dogs are so adorable! Hope Roscoe feels better soon.

quilteddogs said...

Thanks. He is quite a bit better.

buy wow account said...

OH my! They are so cute.=D