Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A beating heart has been stilled

I had to put my sweet girl Addie to sleep yesterday and it hurts so much even though I thought I was ready. She was 16 and we have been together for 13 years. Throughout most of her life, she has been the happiest dog I have ever known and she lived life to the fullest; enthusiasm in everything she did.

Thirteen years ago, I was getting ready to volunteer for the humane society telethon and while I was getting ready to go to the tv station, I was watching the telethon and saw this beautiful black and white springer spaniel being shown as one of the dogs available for adoption. Since I had just lost my dear Mad Max dog less than a month before, I was not ready for a new dog so did not think too much about it. But as soon as I arrived at the station, I saw this springer being taken back to the humane society. I told the person leading her out that I was there to volunteer but I really loved that dog. She said "you get in your car, follow the van back to the humane society and adopt that dog. This is what the whole thing is about." So I did just that and did not volunteer one minute; just drove back to central Phoenix to adopt Addie.

She loved people and thought everyone was her friend. She loved to chase lizards, go for walks, run in the woods and go swimming. Most especially, she loved to eat and man could that dog eat! She was an independent dog and often would go outside to sleep alone when the weather was nice. And what a pretty dog she was. I was often stopped on my walks with her by people wanting to comment on her and/or her breed. She was a beauty!

Addie, my sweet, you were a good girl and I will miss you the rest of my life. Sleep well my girl.

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sewnews said...

I remember when you got her. She was a wonderful companion. I know you will always miss her - but also smile at the good memories.

Sissie said...

Beautiful comments and pictures, Betsy. I feel like I knew her. Bless you for adopting and loving her so much. What a wonderful, doggie life you gave to her! That's a celebration.

Tom said...

Addie was a good dog and she was fortunate that you adopted her.