Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some new class projects

Even though it seems I have not been sewing much, I do have some photos to share of various projects I learned in classes.

The first thing to show is the Penny Sturgis purse I learned at an ASG workshop. Penny Sturgis makes great purse patterns with easy to follow instructions and I really like to take her classes when possible. Unfortunately, the night before the class, she was admitted to the hospital but the class went on without her. There are a few things I would do differently in the future but basically, I am happy with the result.

The little doodad is some steam punk item from Michaels and I like the addition it makes. As always, click on the photos for larger images.

The next thing to show is a table topper taught by my friend Mary in our monthly sewing class. It looks way more complicated than it is and that is the beauty of it. The fabric I used was non-traditional Christmas fabric that I think still reads as winter so I added the embroidered snowflake in the middle.

And finally, was this "in the hoop" Christmas tree that was taught by my friend Lou also in our monthly group. I added some crystals but you can't see them in this picture.

And finally is this owl phone case.

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Anonymous said...

That owl sure looks good - was that photo taken by a professional?

Sewnews said...

Wow all beautiful projects. Good work