Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another item(s) for the Holiday Boutique

Here is one placemat out of four that I will try to sell in November. Very, very simple, not much to it at all but I like the colors a lot. The finished placemats would go perfectly with Fiestaware in my humble opinion.

The photo below shows the handstitching attaching the binding to the quilt back. I have never liked the way I have stitched the binding in the past so I searched the internet and lo and behold, I found videos of finishing the binding. I like this much, much better. This is a macro photo so shows the stitching but from farther away, you can barely see it. Happy times for me as I am a self-taught quilter mostly from books but I could never find a book that described the stitch to use.

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sewnews said...

Great colors. They re sure to be a hit!