Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eric Clapton concert

We spent Sunday night at the Eric Clapton concert. My mom bought us tickets even though she had already seen him in Chicago. The more I think about the concert, the better I like it. His warm up band was Robert Cray who I really like. I think he has a very unique voice although the US Airways Arena where the concert was held did not contribute anythng to his voice. It did not have the best accoustics.

Eric Clapton was terrific! He had a couple of young guitarists who he shared the limelight with and they were extraordinary. Tom did not think that Derek Trucks was all that great but I think both he and Doyle something-or-other were amazing! I think Eric Clapton must have appreciated their talent as well to allow them to do so many solo pieces.

There was one part where Eric was unplugged and it was just him under a solo spotlight which was really great. Then some other members of his band came out and they played a few unplugged songs. Then they went into full-on rock-n-roll blues!

The people behind us left because there was too much blues guitar for them and I thought they were kind of crazy, but oh well.

I was really glad we had tickets for the sold out concert. I still think Paul McCartney was the best concert I have ever seen within the last 10 years.

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Tom said...

I think that Derek Trucks was really good, it is just that I do not like the slide guitar as well as how Eric Clapton or the other guy play