Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Went up to Prescott on Friday for Memorial Day Weekend. Left early hoping to beat the traffic and got up there about 2:00. Didn't do too much the rest of the day until evening when we met up with Tom's friend, Glen, and went to dinner at The Cattlemans. Although it was good, it wasn't as good as last time. The place was jam packed and we had to wait for a table.

The next day was spent doing all the yard work that had mounted up over the winter. I cleaned out all the roof gutters and Tom weed-whacked and began the raking of all the pine needles. He worked like a maniac and got the majority done without much help from me. We bagged probably 26 bags which hopefully will be hauled away soon. Tom had a mishap with the weed whacker and got a bit of a cut on his leg and then he bonked his head coming up out of the basement and got a knot on his head.

The rest of the day was spent moaning and groaning about getting old and stiff from doing the work. I wasn't too stiff to take the dogs for their twice daily walk and it helped get some of the stiffness out of these old bones. Then, Tom cooked dinner that and we started watching Peter the Great which we finished on Sunday.

Sunday was pretty lazy. Took the dogs on a long walk in the a.m. and did some reading and some sewing. Then went into town to have lunch at the Dinner Bell. I have never had chicken fried steak for breakfast or lunch so ordered it. It was really good but the hash browns were terrible! Blagghhh!! Then we walked to the Square to check out the Phippen show but we didn't stay long. Walked across the street to the shops and went in a few. Bought a new print from the artist's cooperative and met the artist. We had previously bought a print of hers of the Palace Hotel and a T-shirt that she had done. This time we bought a print of the St. Michael's Hotel so it was kind of neat to meet her. She was glad to meet us too since it's not often she meets someone who has her print hanging in their family room.

Headed back to the cabin and did some more sewing and reading. I think there was even a bit of a nap taken. Had left over spaghetti for dinner and then watched the rest of Peter the Great. Came back to Phoenix early on Monday and took the back way down Yarnell Hill. Not much of a crowd that way either.


Granny J said...

My late husband absolutely hated I-17 and so we almost always took SR89 south, then the Lake Pleasant road east from a point just beyond Wickenburg. However, if you have the time, you might go out Iron Springs Rd. down thru Skull Valley and across to SR89 from Kirkland. Or for a real outback adventure continue on from Kirkland on the county road thence on to Hillside, across Date Creek and hookup with 89 just before Congress.

quilteddogs said...

Oh yeah, Iron Springs to Skull Valley is nice but it is quite a bit out of the way for us to get back to Phoenix. We used to go that way fairly often but haven't taken it for several years. I don't believe we have gone the other way you mention.

Rowena Tank said...

If you go to the Dinner Bell, try the Pepper Hamburger. Just a thought. When my husband and I moved here to Prescott I bought some raffle tickets to benefit the Cancer Society and the Quilting Guild here donated a quilt panel. I won this and my picture was in The Courier. We were only in town a month and that was exciting. I will feature that in my blog sometime. Glad you love Prescott! Rowena Tank - Fiber and Beads Blog.

quilteddogs said...

How funny of you to comment on my blog. I was in the Prescott Arts Cooperative and was holding several of your necklaces and didn't even know they were yours until I hooked into your blog. I like your work very much.