Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas has come and gone

I just want to report on how exceptionally well Roscoe did at the Borders book wrap. He was there along with a 14 year old springer named Robbie and both of them were a hit with the customers. We made $140 in four hours which was a pretty good amount and it all goes to springer rescue.

Everyone wanted to pet Robbie and Roscoe and many of them thought they were actually rescue dogs that we were trying to adopt out. Roscoe was a rescue but he is my boy and certainly not going anywhere with anyone but me.

He started to get a little antsy a couple of times but was mostly as good as gold and really friendly to everyone who wanted to pet him. We even got donations just because people were allowed to pet the dogs! Who woulda thunk it? Another amazing thing was that there were several MEN who actually got down on the floor to pet these dogs. That was pretty nice.

Christmas was very nice. I had no expectations and put myself under no added stress so I was not disappointed with anything or in a bad mood because things didn't go my way. Went to a children's mass on Christmas eve which was long but really nice. It was packed to the gills too. Saturday night masses never have this kind of attendance. Same goes for Easter.

Tom got me several photography books including several that were specific to Photoshop CS3. That software is totally amazing! Also got a lot of gift cards which I think make great Christmas gifts to give and to receive.

I'm making a very primitive Christmas wall hanging for next year and making a tote bag with Raggedy Ann and Andy on it for a friend who fixed my decapitated Steiff bear that I received when I was a child. She wouldn't take payment and I know the repair work was tedious and time-consuming so she deserves something in return. I think she will like it since she is a doll maker and makes lots of Raggedys.


Lynn said...

Glad you had a wonderful holiday well deserved for you and Tom.

As for the kicking... Get them off your dogs any way you can. Been in that situation and it is not fun.


Lynn said...

Roscoe is such a love who could not donate just looking at his sweet face. Kudos to you and your partner for sticking it out with dogs...LY