Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another couple of projects done and a rant

Have almost completed two more projects; a Christmas table runner (completed) and cutwork napkins (2 down, 2 to go).

The table runner came from angel fabric that I have been saving for quite awhile. I didn't want to chop it up in little bits because I wanted the angels to show. Finally found a table runner pattern in a book that used a big gob of fabric in the middle. I was going to save this one for myself but think I will put it up at the holiday boutique and see what comes of it.

I have also done some machine embroidery that I have never done before. It's called cutwork and it's done by cutting out some of the fabric at a certain point in the embroidery in order for there to be holes in the design and a more lacy kind of design. I'm really pleased with it but was in a real quandry because I didn't know what I was doing. Luckily, nothing was screwed up. This particular design has machine quilting in the fabric that is left in the design.

Now to the rant:

What does this warning sign exactly mean?

What I think they are trying to tell me is that I can't make anything from the fabric and sell it or even give it away. Somehow, they are telling me they are licensing me to make something from the fabric that is for me and for me alone. This infuriates me! Exactly how are they giving me a license? Just by my having bought the fabric, I am now being told how I can and will use it. I didn't agree to this license and didn't even see it on the selvage until I was pressing it. How exactly are they going to know what I do with this fabric? This is not even Disney fabric or its ilk. How do a bunch of African ladies on fabric and a bunch of bright colors allow this company to tell me how I can use it?

The fabric I buy and what I am going to do with it should be left up to me and me alone (in most instances). This fabric is going to be made into a whole different item and may not bare any similarity at all to what it was initally.

A couple of people have challenged these trademark bullies. They are not lawyers so I don't put 100% stock in what they say on their website but I think they do espouse the more logical reasoning behind copyrights and licensing and apparently, they have won several lawsuits against the biggies like Disney, et al. In addition, my sig. other is a patent attorney (although not practicing)and he has pretty much said the same thing whenever I have questioned him about this kind of thing.

Another gripe along these same lines is when they tell me how many items I can make and sell using one of their designs. Exactly, how are they going to know how many designs of theirs I have made. Grrrr!!!


sewnews said...

Beautiful items. An I am with you on telling what I can and cannot do. Do they want to seel this fabric or what! Perhpas they should get out of business altogether me thinks

Meggie said...

Love your rant! It is a bit like those old labels that were on pillows etc, warning against removing the tags.

quilteddogs said...

Thanks Lynn.

Yes, Meggie, I agree about the likeness between the two.

Sissie said...

You go sister! Get a grip....think of anything else you buy...and they tell you where to wear it? Or how to serve it. Come-on! I really like that fabric.